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  • Drew’s 2019 Salsa Warbird prepares for ‘Battle’
    What does a fully loaded, self-supported bike look like? This Salsa Warbird gravel bike is just about ready to roll. Just a few more adjustments and she’ll be ready!
  • Ready, set, weigh!
    Everything is packed except for water. 1 liter weighs 2.2 lbs. Ouch! Not loaded, the bike is 34.2 lbs and with clothes, food and ‘home’, we’re at 72.6 lbs. Lucky for me, as we consume the food and turn it into energy, the weight gets lighter! Until we restock! So excited!
  • Trans America Adventure Tour Shakedown Ride #2
    We had a blast riding in the desert on Sunday. Everything was going perfect, until out of the blue my Di2 simply stopped shifting. First thought was dead battery, but I know I had just finished a recharge after the Joshua Tree 55    • Joshua Tree 55 – Another unScripted61…  . So we modified the route home and I speed pedaled like a 12 year old.. It was fun no matter what, the weather was perfect, and riding with friends Al and Donna is always a blast. Once home, I diagnosed the issue, which seems to be that I somehow ended up in crash mode. Following the …
  • June 1 – The day has finally arrived, Let’s go!!
    June 1 – The day has finally arrived!! Let’s go!!
  • It’s not about us.
    It’s not about us. I am reminded of a picture hanging at our Coldwell Banker Kivett-Teeters Associates office: “Don’t count your blessings. Share them”. And that is what we have set out to do. There are so many people who would love to ride a bicycle across the United States but, for whatever reason, it’s not possible. And we understand and embrace you. We are here to be your eyes, ears, legs and voracious appetites for you! And you are the wind beneath our wings. In moments of struggle…when the weight of the bike pushes back…when my heart is pounding …
  • Trans American Adventure 2023 – Tire Dip in Astoria – On the road to RAGBRAI L (June 2nd 2023)
    Well we are here, what an excellent adventure already. We met up with my son and met his amazing girlfriend. The flights were uneventful, and of course the people watching was so fun. Picked up a U-Haul to get us and the bikes to Astoria, where we did a bit of sightseeing before turning it in and riding out to Fort Stevens. We trudged down to the beach at the wreck of the Peter Iredale for some tire dipping and photos. Then we rode a few more miles to Camp Rilea Armed Forces Training Center. Total miles: 17.6 Total Elevation: …
  • Trans America Adventure Tour Jun 3rd
    May the road rise up to meet you.May the wind be always at your back.May the sun shine warm upon your face;the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,may God hold you in the palm of His hand. –Traditional Gaelic Blessing Our forecast for our first day’s ride. So blessed!
  • Jun 15th – Final day along the river
    Thursday June 15, 2023 Day 13 Wild Goose campground to Lochsa Lodge, Powell, Idaho 67.45 miles. 2,279 total accent Totals: 675.3 miles. 23,937 total accent. 58.14 hours in the saddle. Yesterday was such a special day and its experiences have changed me forever. I feel such a sense of peace, spirituality and connection with the earth. Disconnecting, unplugging and being off grid is something many of us never experience. As we prepare to leave our beautiful campsite at Wild Goose, a pair of ravens glide above. Today will be the Next Best Day Ever! A few miles out of camp …
  • June 16th – Lolo Pass here we come!
    June 16, 2023 Friday Miles: 62.37. Total accent: 2,267 Totals: 737.6 miles. Accent: 26,204. 63.35 hours in the saddle The dawn of a new morning…blessed with another day to live. The tent brightens as the sun begins it’s climb into the sky. We huddle closely as it is chilly, thankful for a down quilt. Our breath floats through the air like the morning fog. Today is the day. The climb to Lolo Pass. We’ve heard so many stories and are experiencing nervous anticipation. We decide to wait until the Lodge opens so we can get a hot cup of coffee. …
  • Jun 17th – A Rest Day
    It is so different waking up in a hotel room. It’s dark-no morning glow. The sound of doors shutting-not birds. And while the mattress is comfortable, our set-up in the tent is amazing. Yesterday, over breakfast, we had a great conversation with Neil and Rett. They have been cycle touring for nearly two years! How do you do that?! A big part of it is your equipment. We discussed at length…what tent… What air mattress…and so on. A dear friend once told me “You get what you pay for and you don’t get what you don’t pay for”. He’s an …
  • RAGBRAI L Our last night was full of Adventure!
    We are safe in Coralville, Iowa. Lucky for us, we got done with the ride, had dinner, a quick shower and got back to the bikes and tents, deciding to relax for a minute before setting up our bedding. Everything was still all stored in our duffles. Drew and Zachary retrieved the bags and bikes during a gap in the storm.   Many riders may have still been on course as it was an 82 mile ride in the heat today. Yesterday was 91 miles so many riders were a bit fatigued today. Click the image to play

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