2023 Trans American Adventure Tour

TransAmerica 2023

From Astoria, OR to Bar Harbor ME.  Beginning June 2023 until late August 2023.  Approximately 5,000 miles by bicycles, self-supported.

Hello all,

The idea of our adventure began after riding across Iowa in 2022 (RAGBRAI).  It was my third time and Drew’s second.  Experiencing the world from the seat of a bicycle is HUGELY different than driving in a car or an RV.  While on a bicycle, you see, feel, touch, smell, and taste so many things you would otherwise miss.  As well, people on bicycles are rather non-threatening allowing strangers to approach and engage in conversation.  What Drew and I learned from our Iowa rides is that the U.S. is filled with the most wonderful people and fascinating places.  While the media will have you believe we are a divided country, our experiences often show otherwise…that people are good, and kind, and giving.

A second important driving force behind our idea to ride across America, is our clients.  25% of our clients in 2022 left California for other states and over the past two years, 500,000 people moved from California to other states.  We feel this will accelerate rather than decline based on dialogue with current clients, our friends and family.  A resounding question keeps surfacing: Where should I move to?  Today, that isn’t a question we can easily answer but hope to be able to by September. 

The theme “Where’s Home?” was born. 

As we traverse through the states, we’ll be creating infographics highlighting important information most people use when deciding where to move, like weather, culture, demographics, and affordability.

We plan to meet with the locals, chat with REALTORS, contact local news media and share across several social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and a website with a blog.  Our goal is daily posts and hopefully more.  I learned in 2019 during my first ride across Iowa, cell service is not always available (silly California girl!) As well, this journey is not about us.  We’re just the messengers.  We plan to take YOU with us; sharing, exploring, and experiencing this beautiful country we call home. 

As we’ve shared this dream with others, we have received incredible support with the consistent question “How can we help you during your trip?”  Drew and I discussed this at length and decided that if our supporters could ‘help us help others’, the journey would be even more special.  As a result, we are partnering with the National Association of REALTORS® supporting the REALTOR® RELIEF FOUNDATION to raise money for our neighbors across the nation.  This foundation donates 100% of all its funds directly to victims of disaster…no overhead costs.  The foundation was formed within hours of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Since then, they have helped 19,000 families through 127 disasters.  These are our neighbors, and we want to help.

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