Where’s Home?

Over the past two years, over a half a million Californians left for other states.  Last year, 25% of my clients moved out of California and many of my current clients have turned to me asking where they should go…Where’s Home?

So, we’re setting out to find those answers. 

Beginning early June, we will begin a journey across the United States, by bicycle…from Oregon to Maine.    We will be taking videos, photos, talking with residents, interviewing real estate agents, and documenting the beauty of this amazing county.  We are taking you with us.

How did we come up with such a crazy idea? 

Back in 2019, a friend and fellow cyclist was diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis was very poor.  Basically, make sure your business is order because you will probably die.  I was heartbroken and felt helpless.  I had already signed up to ride the Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across America (RAGBRAI) and knew it was unlikely she would ever experience it or perhaps, even be able to enjoy the pictures I sent.  I journaled the event with phone pics and videos. Not of any quality but captured the heartfelt moments. 

Over the next four years, we have been blessed with the most amazing adventures…not easy by any means but so incredible, they must be shared.


REALTORS Relief Foundation

For our Trans America cycling tour, we are partnering with the National Association of REALTORS and their REALTORS® Relief Foundation.
Our goal is to raise funds for our neighbors across the USA. Every dollar donated goes directly to victims of disasters. Use the QR code or click HERE if you would like to support us in our journey.

To learn more, Visit the REALTORS® Relief Foundation website.

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