The Road to Roskoe

This blog page is dedicated to Jeff’s completion of his cross country bike ride.

A Little History. It all started back in the summer of 2012 when Jeff rode from Chicago, IL to just outside Fort Wayne, IN with his friend Ann and her husband, Rob. A little over 200 miles in three days. Until that point, Jeff had never ridden more than about 30 miles. Later that fall, Ann convinced Jeff to ride with her up the East Coast, from Key West, FL to Bar Harbor, ME. You can read about that adventure on Jeff’s MoxieRider blog here.

Not wanting to be left behind, Ellen wanted to do a long ride too, so Jeff and Ellen hatched a plan to ride Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, CA in 2014. We did the trip in two segments; the first in the Spring from Flagstaff, AZ to Chicago, finishing up in the Fall from Flagstaff to Santa Monica. In between, Jeff and Ann rode the West Coast from Seattle, WA to the Mexican border (Imperial Beach, CA). That just left a ride from Fort Wayne (where he left off after 3 days with Ann and Rob) to the East Coast and Jeff will have completed the U.S. trifecta – both coasts and a cross-country.